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I'm confident in the booth, flexible when needed and patient with the process. If I make you smile along the way, then my heart is full.

With Lisa Ortiz, Voice Director of English Dub of Pokemon anime


NYU TISCH School of the Arts, Lee Strasberg Institute, Stella Adler Studio, HB Studios with Austin Pendelton & Michael Beckett, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, CUNY School of Professional Studies for Applied Theater, Broadway Dance, Voice Coach-Kelly McGee, Andy Roth. Dialects/Accents-Jerome Butler. Always learning.


For Animation, my voice is flexible with the ability to play both genders from baby to puberty (for a boy). For a female voice, my range goes up to elderly. I sing alto/mezzo-soprano Pop, Belt, Rock, Punk-Rock, Blues, Jazz, Musicals. Accents/Dialects: London, Cockney, Upper Class British, Irish, French, Italian, Australian, Russian, German, Midwestern, Georgian, Texas, NY/Brooklyn/Long Island.

Off/Off-Off Broadway I've acted, written and produced 4 plays for Off and Off-Off Broadway and have been performing on NYC Off and Off-Off Broadway theater houses for 25 years and also performed in interactive classics like The Donkey Show in NYC directed by Diane Pauls and Randy Weiner, and Murdered by the Mob.


TV: 44 Cats (Pilou) on Netflix; Pokemon: Sun & Moon (Mimo, Charjabug, Vikavolt) on Disney XD; Snack World- The Dungeon Crawl (Princess Melonia) on Crunchy Roll & Nintendo; Winx Club (Twinkly & Dorana) on Netflix; Stinky Dog (Chanelle, Barbara) on Netflix; Mily Miss Questions (Lola) on Amazon Prime Regal Academy (Calypso) on Amazon Prime; Hairdorables (Harmony) on Youtube.

Film: Whizzy in Even Mice Belong in Heaven (releasing Spring 2021); Pokemon- I Choose You (Marshadow); Bayala: A Magical Adventure (Nuray on Netflix)

Podcasts: Kyle's Wild World (Hamster on Pinna); Remy's Place (Sophia on Pinna)
Video games: Gangstar Vegas (Stripper, Gameloft Montreal-Android & iOS); Children of the Eclipse (DJ, Nutfarm Games- PlayStation 4 & Xbox)

I am grateful the very first voice over audition I booked was to be one of the voices of the Food Network. Since then I have voiced over 30 products and successfully added animation and video games to my promo and commercial career for the past 12 years. Stay tuned – I will be uploading Audiobook, E-Learning, Video Game reels as well as a reel displaying a fuller spectrum of my Animated character voices.

Thanks for checking me out! I look forward to collaborating with you and don't forget to let me know that you were here.